Sir Ron Kalifa on the UK’s opportunity in fintech

Over the past decade, the UK has undergone a fintech revolution – in jobs, innovation, improvements to people’s lives and in the country’s ability to compete on the global stage – and today is one of the leading global fintech hubs.

Through a five-point plan that spans policy and regulation, skills, investment, national connectivity and international competitiveness. The Kalifa Review sets out a clear strategy to ensure that the UK can capitalise upon the opportunities fintech presents to create quality jobs and level up the country, increase financial inclusion and play a key part of “Global Britain”.

“Fintech has the power to change lives, both in terms of job creation and better wages that are so essential to our recovery; and making financial services more accessible and relevant to people’s lives.

Britain has a proud record of starting-up and scaling-up some of the best known fintech products, but we cannot rest on our laurels. The next powerhouses will not be created by accident.”

Sir Ron Kalifa