CFIT’s Coalition Model

Driving global innovation in financial technology

What is a CFIT Coalition?

A CFIT Coalition is a dynamic and purpose-driven collaboration of industry experts committed to driving tangible change in the financial technology sector. Through a research-led approach, these coalitions bring together the brightest minds and thought leaders to tackle complex challenges and unlock innovative solutions that have a real-world impact.

Our coalitions operate on a time-limited basis, harnessing the collective expertise and diverse perspectives of our members to explore and address key issues facing the fintech and wider financial services industry. By leveraging cutting-edge research, data-driven insights, and collaborative ideation, CFIT Coalitions strive to push the boundaries of what is possible in fintech.

What sets CFIT Coalitions apart is their focus on generating tangible outcomes. We go beyond theoretical discussions and aim to deliver practical solutions that drive meaningful change in the industry. Whether it’s developing minimum viable products (MVP’s) for groundbreaking technologies, shaping regulatory frameworks, or fostering strategic partnerships, CFIT Coalitions are at the forefront of innovation, making a lasting impact on the fintech landscape.

Coalition Partners and Working Group Members

In our CFIT ecosystem, coalition partners play a vital role by providing additional resources and expertise to support the working group members who actively engage in executing the work within the working group program.

While coalition partners contribute their resources, such as funding, technology, and industry insights, working group members are the driving force behind the implementation and execution of the program’s objectives.

They dedicate their time and effort to tackle the challenges and deliver tangible outcomes. Together, coalition partners and working group members form a collaborative and synergistic network, combining their strengths to achieve the collective goals of the CFIT coalition

Working Group Principles

A working group operates as a branch of a coalition. The purpose of a working group is to identify tangible solutions related to the overarching research goal. These groups work to narrow down the scope of the problem and then develop prototype user experiences (UX) and policy recommendations to address or enhance the research goal.


Smaller groups input
Able to focus on building prototypes and deliver reports on how to expand and scale on their findings
Organisations can self-organise and create output based on specific requirements in their area
Increased resource
Groups can use their own regional resources and draw on central CFIT help and input
Greater focus
Groups have the freedom to focus on key areas within a coalition where they see the best opportunity to find solutions to financial innovation challenges

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Key Principles of a CFIT Coalition

Each coalition is created around key principles designed to ensure alignment with CFIT’s mission of creating tangible outcomes that drive financial innovation and technology-led UK growth. These include:

Time-bound duration
Agile operation mode
Solving a specific problem
Prototypes deliverable within 9 months
Have regional input and impact
Contribute to UK growth
Linked to the financial services ecosystem

Coalition Life Cycle

The coalition life cycle works as part of the discovery and development process, with a coalition moving from formation, to solution design and build, before moving to an announcement and demo day.

Road Map


Road Map

Stages of Development within a CFIT Coalition

All coalitions will be set up, launched and developed within specific stages that are designed to ensure the gathering of the brightest minds and delivery of outcomes in a timely manner:

Stage 1 – Analyse coalition objectives and evaluate core opportunities

Defining the challenge statements – research will identify and define three challenge statements for coalition partners to assess and evaluate.

Identify prospective coalition partners – a list of 50-60 highly qualified/strategic coalition partners will be identified, drawn from all sectors of the financial technology ecosystem, including industry, investors, academics, and regulators.

Stage 2 – Outreach, recruitment, and resource alignment

Developing the proposal – CFIT will outline proposals to prospective coalition partners, providing an overview of the working group assignments, vision, objectives, and resource requests.

Stage 3 – Devise coalition objectives and actions

Devise coalition schedule – working groups will be identified and a workshop schedule will be devised to meet the objectives. Key deliverables for each group will also be outlined, including documenting requirements, cost estimates, project plans and recommended technical architecture and implementation approaches.

Stage 4 – Convening and communicating with the coalition working groups

Convene the coalition – a call will be put out to, and the structure put in place for, the coalition and its working groups to start all activity.

Workshops and ongoing comms – workshops will be limited to 2 hours for each member. These will be run on a bi-weekly basis. Follow up comms will be sent providing next steps, guidance, and an outline of tasks to complete before the next workshop.

Stage 5 – Building momentum and feeding back on progress

Providing updates and feedback – CFIT will regularly assess a coalition’s progress and updates and feedback will be provided to all partners. Reviews will also identify any opportunities to evolve the objectives and strategies based on the feedback of coalition partners. 

Stage 6 – Demo day: Promoting the deliverables and mobilising industry

The demo day showcase – CFIT will host a ‘demo day’ to showcase coalition findings to wider industry stakeholders. Comms and marketing collaboration will be set up to promote the opportunities that have arisen from the coalition’s work and the real-world impact it will have.

Outcomes of a CFIT Coalition

All coalitions must meet strict outcome objectives for both the UK economy and CFIT.

Outcomes for the UK economy

Develop UK financial innovation by solving the challenges that are barriers to growth
Identify future use-cases that can be implemented to drive growth
Drive adoption of coalition solutions in other sectors where cross-sectoral applications exist
Position the UK as a global leader in financial innovation

Outcomes for CFIT

Establish the organisation within the ecosystem of financial innovation
Define future areas of work for CFIT

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